Police Officers: Mom Attempted to Diminish Son-In-Law for Exposing Their Affair to Her Child

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.– A Florida mother apparently aimed to diminish her child’s spouse with her Mercedes after he exposed their affair.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Kathleen Regina Davis, 58, informed polices she desired her son-in-law dead after he trashed her relationship with her child by copping to the affair.

Palm Beach Gardens authorities found Davis owning in circle Michael Sciarra’s front backyard prior to 9 p.m. last Wednesday, supposedly attempting to strike him, reports WPBF.

She almost prospered, the 33-year-old informed polices. The attack apparently started with Davis tossing eggs at his house and vehicles. CBS12 prices estimate Sciarra as stating he went outside to examine the “banging” he heard and saw Davis tossing the eggs.

He states he alerted her he was going to call 911 and states that’s when she supported the wheel and followed him. Davis was jailed on a felony charge of intensified attack with a fatal weapon and launched on $3,000 bail 2 days later.

Some reports say Sciarra and the child were dating, the Post states its records search reveals that the 2 were wed and are in the procedure of separating.